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      The high-tech aluminum enterprise of Dingsheng group-Hangzhou Five Star Aluminum Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Dingfu Aluminum Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Dingcheng Aluminum Co., Ltd. and a sales company Hangzhou Dingsheng Import & Export Co., Ltd. under Dingsheng Group are located in Pingyao Town Industrial Park in Yuhang District in Hangzhou with only 30 km away from Hangzhou center. They have good locations, convenient transportation and  beautiful environment.Main products include single rolled foils, double rolled foils, embossed plates, oxidation plates as well as other products of the series. They are widely applied in a lot of industries including home appliance, electronic communication, transportation, medicine, packaging, printing, chemical industry, electricity and building materials..

Company Address: Jingkou Industrial Park, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province (on west side of 338 Provincial Road/Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal) TEL:0511-0511-83321798 83327100 Fax:3327101 Zip Code:212141 Email:

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